Morris Rifle Club .

Promoting the Shooting Sport and educating the public in the safe use of firearms.

Welcome to the Morris Rifle Club website

President: Mark McCallum

Phone #: (763) 286-3763 

Secretary: Terry Brunelle

Phone #: (605) 626-1997

Treasurer: Chris Lesmeister

Phone #: (320) 349-0533 

Range Rules and Regulations

  • The range is for MEMBERS ONLY. Your membership includes a spouse and any children under 18 years of age, no other guests are allowed.
  • No shooting at buildings, benches, signs, range markers, posts, trees or anything else that is not a designated target.
  • If a target says "pistol or rim-fire only" it means it. No exceptions.
  • Pick up your targets. If you brought it here, take it home with you. Your parents are not here to clean up after you. I am tired of cleaning up garbage every time I go out there.
  • No firing in any direction other than down range.
  • No shooting steel targets with steel core ammo.
  • No shooting any steel targets at less than 100 yards with rifle.
  • No theft or destruction of club property.
  • No glass targets allowed.
  • No trap shooting or aerial targets allowed.
  • Pick up your brass.
  • No dumping garbage or old appliances.
  • No driving on the grass.

Respect your range, It's up to you to guarantee our future

Any violation of club rules will result in revocation of your membership and/or criminal charges 


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